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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does India stands in comparison to Other countries for Medical Treatment?

    India has some of the World�s best healthcare facilities, staffed by doctors with international qualifications and experiences. The cost of treatment is substantially lesser than developed countries. In some cases the difference can result in as much as 60% saving.

    For patients it�s a win-win situation, world class medical attention, A-Class services and savings too.

  • Where does Alberta Consultants stands in this industry?

    Alberta Consultants offers its clients:

    a) Largest Network of Integrated Healthcare Services across India
    b) World Class Medical Facilities with latest technology
    c) A team of highly specialized internationally trained doctors on one panel who are globally renowned for their expertise.
    d) Seamless Services, Personalized care and attention to each client.
    e) Great value for money

  • Can you help me to get a visa?

    Certainly, Once you confirm your visit to our facility for treatment, we send visa requisite document to the Indian Embassy in your country. A copy of same will also be mailed to you. Please send us the following details, if you want us to send the Visa requisite letter to Indian embassy in your country.

    a) Patient�s Name and Passport Details
    b) Medical Escorts Name and their passport details
    c) Country of Residence
    d) Tentative date of arrival in India for treatment
    e) If you are travelling on a Medical Visa, you are requested to register at FRRO within 14 days of your arrival. Our team will definitely help you in all these formalities.
    f) Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to register within nearest Police station or Police commissioner Office within 24 hours of arrival.
    g) Please keep atleast 10 Passport sized photographs with you for all formalities.

  • Will you arrange for Airport Pickup?

    Sure, We will. Before your arrival, our team will send you the name and contact details of staff member being send to pick you from Airport. This person will escort you to the assigned place (hospital or accommodation). If you are unable to track the person, you can simply call on our Office number which is active 24 Hours.

  • Where will I stay before getting admitted to hospital and after the discharge?

    Depending on your Budget Package we can arrange an appropriate accommodation for you and your attendant close to the hospital at a nearby Apartment or Hotel. Facilities like hospital visits, On call doctor services, Cab Service or emergency ambulance can also be arranged by us if required.

  • How will I arrange my appointments with doctor?

    Our International Co-coordinator will communicate between you and your hospital in India and will arrange the appointments as well as the referrals that will be needed for various services like Out Patient clinic, Laboratories, Pathology, Medical Imaging or in-patient surgical procedures.

  • Are there any special services provided to International Patients?

    Yes, We treat Our International Guest with lots of special treatments as:

    a) Airport Pick and Drop Facility
    b) SIM Card provided within 24 hours after your arrival so that you can talk to your loved ones about your well being.
    c) Visa/ FRRO Assistance
    d) Language Interpreter
    e) Foreign Exchange of more than 30 Currencies.
    f) Fax, Photocopy and Courier Services
    g) Laundry Services
    h) In room Color TV, DVD Player and at least one channel in local language of patient.
    i) Complementary Wi-Fi Service at the accommodation.
    j) Complementary stay for attendant during your treatment
    k) Special arrangements to meet your religious and Dietary needs
    l) Daily Newspaper and Latest Magazines

  • What are acceptable modes of Payment?

    a) Wire Transfer: You can transfer money directly from your bank account to ours. It takes about 7 Working days for the funds to be credited. You are advised to send us a scanned copy of Bank Swift copy of the transfer, will can help you later in settlement of funds. Upon discharge, excess amount will be refunded to you or any shortfall will be charged in cash.

    The transferred amount will not be used to settle the bill unless the swift copy of bank transfer is received by us.
    b) We accept all major credit/ debit cards as Visa, Master and Amex.
    c) We accept more than 15 currencies as payment including USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, SGD, UAE Dirham, Riyal, Sterling Pounds, and Euros etc.
    d) If your Medical Insurance Policy covers the services rendered overseas, we will be happy to discuss the payment options with your insurance provider.